Who Else Wants To Get Paid Up to $2 Per Listener Without Doing Any Extra Work?

Get Dollars for Downloads When You Become a Podopolo Ambassador

Become an Ambassador
Podopolo grows your reach and revenue
Making Money from Your Podcast Just Got Easier
Now there’s a simple way to cover all your podcast bills (and then some) … without any extra work. As a Podopolo ‘Ambassador’, earn up to $2 per every listener you already have – and get a steady extra income without relying on ads, complex sponsorship deals, or charging your fans a dime.

Become an Ambassador
Our Mission to support creators

We believe podcasters are being shortchanged their true value, so our mission at Podopolo is to make that right. 

Podopolo was created by podcasters for podcasters, so we know firsthand how much passion and hard work goes into getting your message out to the world. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a regular monthly income just for doing what you’re already doing? 

Fact is, Podopolo could blow its budget on advertising to podcast fans, and rather than making TikTok or Facebook richer than they already are, we’d rather support you directly. 

Even if you don’t have a big audience (yet), as an Ambassador you can earn hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for the listeners you already have – as we help you attract even more. And it’s easy.
we pay out every month

How to Get Paid for Every Listener You Bring to Podopolo  (Without Doing Any Extra Work!)

You’ve been busy building up a dedicated audience for your podcast – and now it’s time to be rewarded for all that hard work.It’s simple. Ask your fans to listen to your show and engage with you on Podopolo - and every month like clockwork you’ll see the money in your bank account. 

make me an ambassador

Podcasting is More Rewarding
When You Engage Directly with Fans

Now, you can easily spread the word about Podopolo...

In your show notes, on your website or wherever you promote your podcast, and Podopolo’s AI will track exactly who and how many listeners you’ve brought to Podopolo. 

Then, every month, use the extra cash to support your show, pay your bills, or boost your savings.

All that while you delight your fans with a highly engaging and interactive listening experience.

Podopolo Rewards You for the Audience You Already Have
(As It Brings You MANY More Fans)

Created by podcasters for podcasters, Podopolo’s mission is to help creators grow their reach, influence, and revenue.

Our Ambassador program gives you a reliable, easy way to pocket up to $2 for every listener you bring to our platform.
How It works

So, how does the Podopolo Ambassador Program work?

Becoming an Ambassador is easy and free – for both you and your fans. Our mission is to empower your growth and give you a reliable revenue stream to support your show. 

We provide everything you need to invite listeners, check your progress, and get paid.

And you can start earning ... fast!
After you sign up and get approved for the Ambassador Program, you’ll get an email with an invite to create your free PartnerStack account. In your PartnerStack Dashboard, you can easily track your progress, access all promotional copy and get paid.

Step 1: Sign up for the Ambassador Program
After you apply, you’ll get an email from Podopolo once your application is approved. Once approved, you'll get another email from PartnerStack with a link to create your free PartnerStack account.

Step 2: Explore the Dashboard and Grab your Affiliate Link
After you set up your PartnerStack account, you can easily set up your Dashboard and get your affiliate tracking link to invite your community. In PartnerStack, you can access all promotional resources, track your progress and get paid.

Step 3: Invite Your Community
Use your unique affiliate tracking link and customize the swipe copy to invite your listeners & community to download Podopolo.

Step 4: Get Paid!
Watch your progress and monthly payouts in PartnerStack

Plus, Podopolo’s unique features and powerful tools also give you the leg up to grow your downloads, impact, and revenue sustainably.

AI-enhanced ‘matchmaking’ recommendations so you can get in front of more listeners we already know will love your show.
Advanced and actionable analytics to know and understand your fans with actionable recommendations to grow your show.
Interactive and one-click social features to easily connect with fans, save time, and turn up the dial on episode engagement.
Monetization opportunities not available on other platforms like ad sales representation, sponsorship, subscriptions and more.

Now let’s talk about earning potential. 

How much can I make as a Podopolo Ambassador? In short, it’s up to you.

We don’t limit or cap our payouts to podcasters, so the only thing that limits your earning potential is the size of your audience - or whether you get the word out. As an Ambassador, you’ll be paid a set dollar amount per listener account created.The more fans you bring to Podopolo, the more we’ll pay you for each new listener account.

This allows you to grow your earnings exponentially.

Ambassadors are paid on a sliding scale.

The numbers break down like this:
:: First 1,000 signups = $1.00/listener
:: 1,001-5,000 sign ups = $1.50/listener
:: 5,001+ sign ups = $2.00/listener 

That means we’ll send you a check for $1,000 for your first 1,000 listeners.

Or let's aim big: If 10,000 listeners sign up through your unique referral link, you'll receive a nice $20,000 payout. 

Now let’s say next month you invite an additional 5,000 listeners. That would put an extra $10k in your pocket.
Still got questions? Hop on a call

Now you know how you can earn extra cash for the listeners you already have…

Let’s dive into how Podopolo’s platform empowers podcasters – and why your fans will love using it.

Podopolo is more than just another podcast app.

Podopolo was created to deliver an unrivaled experience for listeners while offering podcasters opportunities and tools for growth, engagement, and monetization not available on other platforms. 

And when you bring your listeners to Podopolo, it’s like a force multiplier that unlocks additional growth and monetization:
  • Exclusive advertising and sponsorship deals (regardless of your audience size) where you can earn up to 70% of the ad revenue we place on your podcast.
  • Premium content subscriptions so you can ditch the third-party apps and offer raving fans a way to support you directly – right on Podopolo – plus built-in engagement tools to upsell your e-courses, products or services, or premium content.
  • AI-powered actionable insights so you know exactly the steps you need to take to boost organic discovery, respond to your fans, and get in front of more listeners so you can supercharge your reach.

Podopolo creates a better listener experience.

We know you love your listeners as much as they love you. And Podopolo is the best way for your fans to listen, share and discover podcasts. With interactive episodes, advanced sharing features, and automated discovery of the perfect listens from more than 5 million audio and video podcasts, your fans will be ecstatic that you helped them discover Podopolo.

Interactive Episode Comments

Turn each episode into a conversation (Hint: you can unlock this feature once your show has 10 followers on Podopolo)

Episode Clips

Easy to create episode clips that let fans highlight their favorite episode soundbites and share them on the app -
and you can, too! (Plus, each short clip counts as an episode download).

Direct Messaging and Chats

Invite your friends, see who is listening to the same episodes as you, DM to start chats or share episodes and clips.
Plus, share episodes and clips across all social media channels, text messages and more.

Live Interactive Video Streaming

Podopolo offers podcasters live interactive video streams - plus we're also fully video enabled.
YouTuber? We have an integration coming for you soon so you have a second place to monetize your
YouTube videos automatically on Podopolo.

Plus, when your fans listen on Podopolo, you’ll be able to use these features to connect with your audience on a deeper level. And you’ll know everything about your audience too with deep audience insights we make actionable for you with specific recommendations. 

Become a Podopolo Ambassador and Start Earning Cash

If I don’t join now, will I be able to join later?

This is a limited-time offer, and once you sign up, you’ll be able to earn money for each listener you bring on – for life. We can’t guarantee this opportunity will last forever, so we recommend taking advantage while you can.

Other lingering questions? 

Feel free to check the FAQ below or shoot us an email at support@podopolo.com and we'll be in touch!


Does Podopolo cost money?
Podopolo is 100% free to use and download – for both you and your fans.

How should I invite my listeners?
You can invite your listeners on-air on your podcast episodes, in your show notes, on your website, via social media or email. Upon signup, we’ll provide compelling swipe copy you can easily customize.

How do I get paid?
We pay podcasters through PayPal. Your data and personal information is secure and will not be shared with any third party.

When do I get paid?
Our podcast partners are paid once a month within 20 business days after your first full month as an Ambassador.

What if I don’t have a ton of listeners?
Don’t worry, you can still start earning right away. There are no caps on the number of listeners you need to invite to start earning.
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